Commercial Baking

Contestants are challenged to meet production and quality standards expected by industry. The contest includes both a written examination and practical exercises. Contestants demonstrate their knowledge and skills through scaling, mixing, preparing and baking six products. The products include breads, rolls, Danish, cookies and pies. The student also must demonstrate their cake decorating skills. The contestant must work efficiently to produce quality products in a job-like setting.

HS Contest Location: Nashua High School, North
HS Contest Date: March 15, 2017
HS Check in Time: 6:00 am

PS Contest Location: Nashua High School, North
PS Contest Date: March 15, 2017
PS Check in Time: 6:00 AM

Entry Limits per center: 2 Secondary / 2 Post- Secondary

2017 Scoring Rubic

2017 Uniform Rubric

Clothing Requirements: Must follow national guidelines with the exception of having to have the SkillsUSA logo.  Cannot have school or contestant’s name showing.

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